About Us, Our History and Objectives

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Games and sports are an integral part of life. For everyone. Many social reforms have been made possible through sport.

Using cricket as a rehabilitating tool, CAB Nepal strives for mainstream socialization, empowerment and the capacity building of blind people. We emphasise teamwork, sportsmanship, dignity and mental and physical health.

Visual impairment and blindness is a cause and consequence of poverty in Nepal. We are trying, through sport, to give blind people dignity, opportunity, a social platform and a robust counter to the old and tired perceptions of visually impaired people in Nepal and South Asia.

For most blind people there are only a few indoor games on offer and almost no opportunities to play outdoor sports. But, increasingly cricket is giving exposure to sports and an opportunity for socialization for people with visual impairments.

Globally, blind cricket has taken off in the last ten years in all the major cricket playing nations. In Nepal, its proliferation throughout the country is happening at an exceptionally high speed. Making this game accessible to all blind people in Nepal is part of our journey.

About CAB

CAB, Nepal is a non-Governmental, non-political and not for profit sports organization run by and for blind people.

It was established with the aim of promoting cricket among sixteen thousand blind youth and thirty thousand blind children in Nepal.

In particular it was made possible by the support of the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council “PBCC”. The late Aagha Saukat Ali, the then Chairman of PBCC, sent two of his coaches Abdul Rajaq and Sultan Shah to bring this great game of cricket to Nepal.

“Blind Cricket Day” commemorates the August 7th of 2006 when blind boys of Nepal got a chance to hold a cricket bat in their hands for the first time.

Pawan Ghimire is the current Chairman of CAB, Nepal.

The world’s only cricket for blind women is supported by a separate committee reporting to the board. This committee consists of five visually impaired women lead by Miss Pragya Regmi.


The objectives of CAB,Nepal are as follows:

1. To promote and proliferate blind cricket all over the country.

2. To make cricket accessible to blind people of all backgrounds - disregarding their age, sex, caste, creed and religion - by forming clubs in different possible places.

3. To organize national and international events and support the participation of Nepali teams in competitions organized outside the country.

4. To provide better opportunities for blind players by providing scholarships to learn and help them play, from international clubs.

5. To conduct social and non- political awareness raising programs

6. To establish a harmonic relationship and network with other cricket conducting bodies outside the country.