About Us, Our History and Objectives

A woman at bat

A. Introduction of Cab, Nepal:

Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal "CAB, Nepal", established in 2006, is an umbrella Organization of all the blind cricket governing body round the country. It is    established with an aim to ensure blind and visually impaired people's right to sport, empower and rehabilitate them by enhancing their access to cricket. Registered as a   NGO, it is a non-political, non- profit making, solely a sport Organization which aims in  reaching to over 16000 youths and children with   visual impairments through cricket. The board of CAB constitutes of all eleven visually impaired members   who had remained cricketers   during their   period. With an aim to bring more girls into leadership, CAB, Nepal is also accompanied by five member Women Committee. Since the date of its establishment, it has been successful in training over five hundred blind and visually impaired youths and children and over one hundred fifty girls with visual impairments. Currently CAB has been successful in reaching to over twenty Districts through its six regional branches.

1. Organizational VMGO:

Our vision: Better blind, best community

Mission: The mission of this  Association is to use cricket as a tool to ensure blind and visually impaired persons right to sports, enhance winning attitude along with physical and mental robustness, empower, rehabilitate , present  blind in new role and responsibilities, expose their competency  plus develop leadership qualities, discipline,  sportsmanship spirit And end gender disparity prevailing within the  blind community.

Goal: All Nepalese blind and visually impaired persons relish the taste of cricket.

Our value: We believe blindness is not the last over but the beginning of the second innings.

Narrative slogan: Rising with the rising Nepal.


  1. To promote and proliferate blind cricket all over the country.
  2. To make cricket accessible to blind people of all backgrounds - disregarding their age, sex, caste, creed and religion - by forming clubs in different Possible places.
  3. To organize national and international events and support the participation of Nepali teams in competitions organized outside the country.
  4. To inject sense of social behavior, we –feeling,   sportsmanship spirit and make blind mentally and physically strong.
  5. Bring girls to cricket for their overall development.
  6. To establish a harmonic relationship and network with other cricket conducting bodies in and outside the country.


We are affiliated to;

  • As an NGO in District Administrative Office, Kathmandu [11th Jan, 2007].
  • Social Welfare Council, Ministry for Women, Children and Social Welfare [Regd. No-2284]
  • World Blind Cricket Council as its full-fledged ninth member] 2007].
  • National Sport Council, Nepal
  • National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal
  • National Community Based Rehabilitation Network”CBR”.

Our achievements:

We feel proud for;

  1. Awareness and advocacy: Since the day of its inception in 2006, CAB, Nepal in its capacity has been struggling to aware the community, intervene in policy making level for the prestigious inclusion of disability sport as one of the major project in national plan and policy. It does interact with teachers, parents, Community and children to illustrate the importance of sport for the children with blindness and other disabilities.

B. Remarkable attainments:

CAB, Nepal considers following as it’s its remarkable attainments in the history of blind cricket in Nepal;

  • Organized world's ever first international blind women cricket series between Nepal and U.K, here at Kathmandu on 26th-28th, Oct. 2014.
  • Winner of World's ever first blind women cricket series between Nepal and U.K.
  • Successful in training more than 150 blind girls to play cricket and form worlds ever first blind women cricket team.
  • Participation in the ever first T20 blind cricket world cup at India in 2012 and 2017 and setting the record of being the first in Nepal to play in the world cup.
  • Successful in including two blind women cricketers in theT20  blind cricket  world cup squad making them the ever first women  cricketers in the whole history of Nepal to play in the world cup.
  • Sign   Brighton declaration on women and sports on 15th, March, 2012 an international campaign lunched by Finish Sports Confederation so as to ensure women’s safety and right to sports.
  • Nominated as top four Organization of the world in Beyond Sports Award 2013 under social inclusion award category.
  • Nominated as top three Organization of the world in Peace and Sports Award 2013 under adaptive sports category.
  • Winner of Pulsar special award 2013, Nepal’s most prestigious and the only sports award   organized by Sports Journalist Forum. @. Mr. Padam Badaila set a world record by scoring 211 not out in a match against New Zealand in T20 blind cricket world cup 2017.