Blind Women Cricket Comittee

Blind women cricket committee ”BWCC” is a sub-committee of Cricket Association of the Blind , Nepal formed to govern cricket for the blind women round the country disregarding their age , caste creed ,geographical, economic status and religions. The committee constitutes of five visually impaired women in a good lead of Mrs. Tara Dhakal. Though Nepalese blind women are playing cricket since 2007 but the committee was formerly brought into existence only on 25th July of 2009. It is present Chairman Major Pawan Ghimire who took the initiative to teach cricket among the girls and made their participation possible in sports. Moreover, this committee is the worlds ever first and has set examples by conducting world’s ever first blind women cricket tournament. Further more to say through this cricket, this committee aims in empowering, building capacities, establishing them as better citizens of the society and dynamic force for the change.

Associated with this committee there are more than seventy blind women of different regions play cricket. Besides these this committee is also entitled to monitor and govern the blind women cricket committee formed under different clubs of the nation. .

2. Objectives:

  1. To promote, protect and ensure blind women right to play.
  2. To eliminate sexual discrimination
  3. To give national and international exposure and rehabilitate them.
  4. To give necessary mobility trainings, daily living skills, discipline, spirited de corps, self confidence, and will power in blind.
  5. To professionalize the game and make it the way of living
  6. To establish blind women as the better and capable citizens of the society.

3. Activities:

  1. Liaising with the central committee this committee does the following activities-
  2. It provides training to the new blind women.
  3. It does door to door counseling to convince the parents to send their girls to play.
  4. It lunches frequent press conferences, radio programs and rallies and social campaign to make people aware of blind cricket and women.
  5. It seeks jobs and scholarships for the needy blind women cricketers.
  6. It advocates on the various issues of the women with visual impairments.
  7. It organizes various tournaments in national and local levels.

4. Vision / statement:

Using cricket as a tool this committee is committed to visualize the dream of visionless women to be visible to the world.

5. Achievements:

  1. It has conducted world's ever first blind women cricket tournament comprising players from Kaski, Rupendehi, Chitwan and Kapilvastu . Dated 11April to 13 April of 2009At Chitwan. United team won over Kaski team by 3/0.
  2. In support of Global funds for women it conducted second national blind women cricket tournament at Pokhara on 24th to 26th July 2009. Kaski won over the united team by 3/0
  3. It has conducted 3rd national bind women cricket tournament at Banke on 29th Jan to 1st Feb ,2010
  4. It has conducted 4th national blind women cricket tournament at kathmandu between the four teams of the country (12th to 15th June 2010.)

6. Team Captains

  1. Banke teams: Smriti Buda
  2. Chitwan team: Sita Pathak
  3. Lumbini Team: Geeta poudel
  4. Kaski Team: Bhagawati Bhattarai

7. Profile of the Committee members:

Coordinator- Ms. Bhagawati Amgain

Asst. Coordinator- Ms. Radha Saud

Secretary- Miss Bhagawati Amgain

Treasurer- Ms. Asha Regami

Ms. Sunita Ghimire
Ms. Sita Pathak

[Note-all the members of this committee are visually impaired.]