Help us build temporary shelters for Earthquake Victim Blinds in Nepal

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The deadly earthquake on 25th April and May 12 devastated the whole Nepal destroying millions of houses, claiming the lives of over ten thousand and injuring significant number of people within fifty- six second of time.

Among the millions of people affected by the earthquake, blind are also the one. It has been experienced that during such disaster the most prone persons are the blind who do not have any chances to escape or save their lives. It has been noted that over two hundred of blind persons have been house-less by the earthquake. Their most of the properties, clothes and food grains have been buried as result of which they are now forced to spend their nights under the blue sky.

Of course , many private sectors, Government have started their relief operation but ironic to say that most of the blind have been devoid of getting  these  relief package as they cannot reach to the relief distribution centers or penetrate inside the crowd to receive the relief. It is true that even today most of the  blind spend  their nights in an open ground and eat little  than what other earthquake victims of the same area  are eating.

Considering this bitter scenario, CAB, Nepal has endeavored to make temporary shelters made up of bamboo and zinc to Forty blind of different earthquake affected areas. In your help we will also be furnishing these people of these shelters with beddings, clothes and cooking utensils. Hence, CAB, Nepal would cordially would like to request you to support us in this mission so that blind people can have a peaceful night. We aim to do this before the monsoon start in Nepal. Your single penny can provide roof to many and relief to  the languishing hearts.

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