Our dream is to play in the World Cup 2016! Help us make it possible.

A blind battsman batting. Also text can be seen in the picture saying- Help us play in the world cup 2016

Playing in any world cup is the biggest dream of all athletes. When it happens to be for the people with blindness, it almost seems to be like a dream impossible. But, cricket is bringing this dream of blind to play in the world cup is coming true with our confirm participation in T20 blind cricket world cup slated to begin from 27th Nov, 2016, India.

However, lack of funds for air ticket, uniforms and training are still lying on the way to remonstrate our journey to the world cup. In fact, we and you together can join hands to represent national flag up in an international arena.

And for this only thing you need to do is just visit to the link and make online donation at

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